Gianna’s Story

“The other day I saw these three little birds jumping and dancing around each other like kids. I was stopped at a light, you know? It was the cutest thing. They were literally just jumping up and down around each other in the street, like kids. And I thought to myself, at that moment, how lucky are we, those of us who actually remember that feeling, you know? What that feels like. That joy of no cares or worries in the world, whatsoever, nothing creating a knot in your stomach or holding you back. Like, it’s just, the sun’s in your face, the skies are actually blue, and everything’s going to be all right. You know? I mean, how many people remember that feeling, and actually stop to enjoy it when they do? You know? Those little birds did. It was pretty great to see, if you ask me.”

         Clearly Gianna didn’t know and she hadn’t asked him. The train jerked hard, banking right through the dark city tunnels. The look in her eyes told Mickey she was even a little weirded out that some random guy sits down next to her and starts talking, as-a-matter-of-factly rambling on like a freak about birds. She had no idea what he was going on about at all, and she continued reading the Metro, hoping to quietly enjoy the rest of the commute.

“I always read the smaller Life-Style section, you know?” Mickey started again. “Makes me feel like I’m keeping up with the newest trends of life and our culture of living. Culture’s important.” Gianna continued to ignore him. Lights on, then off, then back on again.

“What I especially find interesting is the stories on different parts of the city that seem hidden, but are really in plain sight. Like stories on the Arboretum or Forbidden Drive or Riverside Park?” Mickey paused for a sec, smiling, hoping to get something out of Gianna. Some response. “I love the parks, you know? I’ve always loved the parks. I’m a big trail runner.”

Gianna finally looked up.

“I don’t run” she said flatly.


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